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Bournemouth Hurn in 1962, Portsmouth in 1962,Southampton in 1962,Church Crookham Sabres,Blackbushe in 1957.

BOURNEMOUTH HURN.Visitors			February	1962
Date	Reg	Type		
3rd	I-DAXO	Caravelle	Alitalia	Diversion from LHR
4th	5N-ABS	Pa-23	for Airwork	
11th	G-ARMI	Pa-23	B.E.A.S	
14th	F-BJOM	AC-680	Fenwick Aviation	
16th	XP915	Comet 3	RAF	(ex G-ANLO)
16th	EP-MRS	Viscount	test flying	
20th	G-ARUZ	C-175A,arrived in crate for assembly		
20th	G-ARTW	C-150A,arrived crated for assembly		
20th	G-ARTX	C-150A,arrived crated for assembly		
20th	G-ARTY	C-150A,arrived crated for assembly		
21st	WV919	Sea Hawk FGA6,arrived for Airwork FRU		
PORTSMOUTH Visitors  February 1962				
4th	G-ARLO	Terrier	Southern Aero Club	
17th	G-ARKC	Auster 6a		
24th	G-ARUY	Alpha	Beagle-Auster Ltd	
26th	G-ARRL	Autocrat 	test flight	
SOUTHAMPTON Eastliegh Visitors February 1962				
2nd	G-ARHJ	Apache	Grantair	
6th	G-AMDD	Dove 6	Executive Air Transport	
12th	G-AROR	Aircoupe	arrived by road for repair	
23rd	N9755F	Beaver		
24th	G-ARFX	SAAB Safir		
The scrapyard at Redfield's Works here contained the Sabre 4s listed below 				
during February 1962.All were in USAF marks with RCAF serials and had 				
previously been with the RAF(serials in brackets)				
19472(XB541)		19478(XB547)		19517(XB616)
19486(XB579)		19522(XB619)		19529(XB626)
19533(XB630)		19540(XB637)		19557(XB671)
19590(XB702)		19642(XB768)		19707(XD706)
19728(XD729)		19734(XB871)		19771(XD773)
19764(XD762		19772(XD770)		19883(XB992)
BLACKBUSHE 50 years ago				
June 1959				
3rd	12414	R4D-5	USN ROTA	
	G-APSZ	Cessna 172		
4th	49-1910	CT-29A	USAF	
5th	G-ALDC	Hermes	Falcon Airways	
7th	N340EL	CV-540	Napier Ltd	
8th	122207/JQ4	P4M-1Q Mercator.VQ-2 USN		
	41-37268	JZC-54A	USAF/Edwards AFB	
13th	F-BFUO	Br170-Mk31	.Bousac	
	D-ABEB	Dc-4,Continental A/L		
14th	G-AFBS	Hawk Trainer,crashed landing		
16th	D-EGAD	Auster Autocrat		
	N2966	Grumman Mallard.Boussac		
	17211	R4D-8 USN.FASRON 200		
18th	131412/LR7	P2V-5F	VA-13. USN	
	G-AMZH	Dc-3	Niarchos	
20th	56500/7T	R5D-3	USN Seattle	

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