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The list below shows the contents of the various aircraft museums in Hampshire and Dorset.

Note that the situation regarding museum aircraft is somewhat fluid with aircraft being loaned or swapped with other museums frequently.Thus the lists may change.In addition ,not all aircraft are always on show,and in the case of Bournemouth ,many of the listed aircraft are flyable ,and are often away during the display season

I have included a couple of non-museum items for completeness.There are also within the counties of Hampshire and Dorset ,several locations where veteran or vintage aircraft are stored.Most of these locations are Private and thus outside the remit of this site.

Be aware that not all aircraft listed at a particular location may be present , or even if present, may not be on public disdplay.Finally,as always,if you have any additions or corrections to this listing,please CONTACT ME

updated 30 April 2013

Click on the museum name to go to the museum's website for opening times etc.

Airborne Forces Museum.Aldershot					
BAPC80			Airspeed AS.58 Horsa(marked KJ351).	Cockpit only		
KP208	ex 44-77087	Douglas C-47B				
			GAL.48 Hotspur		Front Fuselage		
The Museum of Army Flying.Middle Wallop							
-                      Airspeed Horsa I (cockpit) 
'KJ351'                Airspeed Horsa II 
-                      Airspeed Horsa II (fuselage) 
TJ569                  Auster 5 
WJ358                  Auster AOP.6 
WZ721                  Auster AOP.9 
AE-409                 Bell UH-1H Iroquois.Argentina 
XG502                  Bristol Sycamore HR.14 
111989                 Cessna L-19A Bird Dog 
-                      Cody kite 
XP821                  De Havilland Canada Beaver AL.1 
XP822                  DHC Beaver AL.1 
WG432                  De Havilland Canada Chipmunk T.10 
TK777                  General Aircraft Hamilcar I (fuselage) 
'HH268'                General Aircraft Hotspur II (replica) 
-/B-415                Hafner Rotajeep (replica) 
8381M/P-5              Hafner Rotachute III 
'XM819'                Lancashire Aircraft Prospector 
'T9707'                Miles Magister I 
XK776                  ML Utility Mk.1 
XL813                  Saro Skeeter AOP.12 
'G-2-4'                Slingsby T.6 Kirby Kite I (G-ALNH) 
WZ772                  Slingsby T.38 Grasshopper TX.1 
'N5195'                Sopwith Pup (replica) 
XR232                  Sud Aviation Alouette AH.2 
'243809'               Waco CG-4A Hadrian 
ZA737                  Westland Gazelle AH.1 
G-AXKS                 Westland Bell 47G-4A 
XX153                  Westland Lynx AH.1 
XP847                  Westland Scout AH.1 
XP910                  Westland Scout AH.1 
XV127                  Westland Scout AH.1 
-                      Westland Scout AH.1 (cockpit) 
XT108                  Westland Sioux AH.1 
-                      Westland Wideye 
-                      Westland Wisp 
70-15590               AH-1F stored on airfield

BOURNEMOUTH AVIATION MUSEUM.HURN On land adjacent to the Wonderland Family Adventure Park 
directly opposite Bournemouth Airport.Wonderland is well sign posted from all major routes
 heading towards Bournemouth and is situated halfway along the main Christchurch - Parley 
road as it  passes alongside the airport perimeter.
XH537 Avro Vulcan B.2MRR  Nose                                 
G-BKRL Chichester-Miles Leopard   001     
WT532 English Electric Canberra PR.7 Nose                      
ZF582 English Electric Lightning F.53 Nose                     
WS776/K Gloster Meteor NF.14                                     
G-BWAF  Hawker Hunter F.6A Complete Displayed  as XG160       
KF488 North American Harvard IIB                              
G-OPAS Vickers Viscount 806  Cockpit 
XT257 Westland Wessex HAS.3   
G-BZRE Provost T1 marked as WW421/P-B
XX763 Jaguar
XE856/V Vampire T11 (G-DUSK)
XG160/U Hunter F 6A (G-BWAF)
XR346 Shellduck (Composite using some parts from XV383,XW578,XR346)

BOVINGTON Tank Museum. Dorset
TK718     Hamilcar 1
XM564     Skeeter AOP12
British Aerospace			Hamble				
XM693/7891M		Gnat T.1	On display outside factory.			
Lee - on -Solent:		Super Catalina Restoration					
Not a museum but currently being restored here are-:							
N423RS		48423	PBY-5A				
VP-BPS		46633	PBY-5A				
Farnborough Air Sciences Trust
WT309.English Electric Canberra B(I).6 (nose only) 
WV383.Hawker Hunter T.7 
XV165.HS Buccaneer S.2B (nose only) 
XS420.English Electric Lightning T.5 
XS932.English Electric Lightning F.6 (nose only)
503 . Mig21. arrived by road from Bournemouth 3rd March 2004 
XP516.Gnat T.1 arrived June 04
XW566.Jaguar T2 arrived June 04
WV795 Seahawk FGA6(sold 2006)
ZA195 Sea Harrier FA2
....  B707 Cockpit
"U1215" Vampire T11
XF650 Hunter FGA9 Cockpit
G-AWZI Trident 3 Nose
XW241 Puma ex Qinetic .arr 7 Aug 07#
XW934 Harrier T4 ex Qinetic ,arr 17 July 07
ZJ496 Jindivik reported here Sept 7th. 07   
XV631 Wasp(Cabin only) reported here in Oct 2010
XZ166 Lynx(Cabin only) reported here in Oct 2010
G-ARRM Beagle 206X

Solent Sky , Southampton
BAPC.7    Southampton University Man Powered Aircraft
BAPC.164  Wight 'N546' Quadruplane replica  
BAPC.210  C4451 Avro 504J Replica 
BAPC.253  'G-ADZW' Pou-du-Ciel
BAPC.215  Airwave Hang Glider
BB807     Tiger Moth(Composite from c/ns 82216,82869,85877)
G-APOI    Skeeter 8
G-SWIF    Supermarine Swift F.7 Stored
G-BRDV    Spitfire Replica 'K5054' Stored
N248      Supermarine S.6A
PK683     Spitfire F.24
VH-BRC    Short Sandringham
VV119     Supermarine 535 Cockpit section
WK570     Chipmunk T.10 Cockpit only
WM571     Sea Venom FAW21 Stored.
WZ753     T.38 Grasshopper TX.1
XD332     Supermarine Scimitar F.1 Stored
XD596     Vampire T.11
XE998     Vampire T.11 Stored
XJ571     Sea Vixen FAW2
XK740     Gnat F.1
XL770     Skeeter AOP.12
XN246     T.31B Cadet TX.3 
XV760     Harrier GR.3 Cockpit section.
?         Mignet Pou- du-Ciel Stored
?         Mignet HM-293 Stored
?         Supermarine Seagull nose only.

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