Aircraft carriers and other aviation vessels at Portsmouth and Southampton , 1930-2020
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At a time when aircraft carriers are almost a threatened species , the following lists may interest some readers.

These lists have been assembled from many sources by Richard MacKeen and include the lists that appeared here previously.Other sources used include the logs of the late Graheme Sheppard as well as the various Aviation enthusiasts publications such as BAR and Air Britain. If you can correct or add to the lists please use the link above to email - if you have problems with the link my address is

For ease of use , the lists are split into several sections as below. Unless otherwise stated the locations are Portsmouth - or Stokes Bay for the large carriers.

US Carriers.
UK Carriers pre-1960 ..
UK Carriers after 1960 ..
Other Carriers .
US large Assault Ships & Helicopter Carriers.
British vessels (not carriers).
(Above includes RFA and civilian vessels requesitioned for the Falklands War).
Foreign vessels(not Carriers).
Special events .
Questions and queries arising from the preceding pages.

Thankyou to all other contributors including:Peter Norris,Brian Turpin,Nigel Dingley, George Kernahan,Ian Terry.

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