Cunliffe-Owen photos from the 30s and 40s
Pictures 1 & 2 from Richard Lowden,Picture 3 from Douglas A. Rough,Pictures 5, 6 and 7 from Derek Askie .
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The picture above, from Richard Lowden,above shows a group of Cunliffe-Owen employees stood in front of a Concordia aircraft.Date and which aircraft unknown , likewise the names of the people in the picture. Richard believes that the 2nd and 3rd from the right may be brothers J.L Alford and a G.J. Alford.

Below is a copy of a memo noting the payment to Mr J Alford of 2/2/0 (2 and 2 shillings = 2.10p in todays currency) for his suggestion regarding a locking device for a Lancaster Fuselage door.(Also from Richard Lowden)

Can anyone expand on what we have so far?

We have now established that the gentleman in white overalls and cravat (standing in front of the nosewheel) is Aubrey Corbin , who was a Cunliffe-Owen test pilot.(November 2009)

The photo above shows G-AFMB ,the Burnelli OA-1 , in Free French colours somewhere in North Africa. The aircraft was requesitioned on 31st May 1941 and ferried out to Egypt in 1941 by Jim Mollison(with a crew of 3) for use by the Free French leader General De Gaulle.The aircraft left the Christchurch in the UK on June 7th 1941 and flew via Gibraltar, Malta, Cairo, Wadi Halfa, Karthoum, El Fasher, El Ganeina and Fort Archambault, to Bangui(in the present day Central African republic) arriving on June 28 1941 .By January 3rd 1944 it was at Rayack(Lebanon) where it apparently was damaged an accident on or around the 16th June 1944 while being flown by a 2nd Lt.Tricot.The aircraft was last heard of at El Kabrit in Egypt in 1945 having arrived there for repair following the accident at Rayack.It may possibly have been have been used for a bonfire celebrating the allied victory on August 8, 1945(VJ Day), as were several other wrecks at Kabrit ..(Photo from and copyright to Douglas A. Rough .Not to be reproduced without written permission.)

Compare with the well known picture below and it is apparent that the picture above shows RAF roundels under the wings, whilst below these appear to have been replaced with the Cross of Lorraine.However pictures apparently taken later in it's service appear to show it with both RAF and Free French insignia under the wings.

A French Website has more details of it's Free French service


CUNLIFFE OWEN FACTORY:The picture below shows Frederick Askie(Grandfather of Derek Askie) with a model , made by him for the building's designer prior to the actual construction .Tee picture below that,shows the finished building Admin block.


Derek supplied this photo of the Burnelli OA1 G-AFMB(f/f Jan 12th 1939) in flight over Southampton Water.The date of this photo is not known.On the back is stamped (By the photographer?)'E. Philipps, 8 Margam Avenue, Southampton. Tel: Woolston 88482' . The OA1 was assembled by British Burnelli(predeccessors of Cunliffe-Owen) at Southampton. Plans for production were later abandoned.Below is a very striking advert that the company used in January 1940.

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