CHRISTCHURCH Military resident & visiting aircraft 1928-1970
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Listed below are many of the Aircraft that were resident at CHRISTCHURCH during the 40+ years that the airfield was in use.I know the list is far from complete,in particular many military serial numbers are unknown(to me).If you can add to or amend the list in any way ,please CONTACT ME. In addition any visiting aicraft that are known are also listed.

	This list does not include Airspeed/De Haviland aircraft built at Christchurch  or De havilland aircraft,  
       either Christchurch  built  retained on test or  built elswhere and used at Christchurch for testing or developement .
        For those see the Airspeed & de Havilland page
        where a comprehensive peroduction list and lists of test aircraft may be found.					
	L1702	Hurricane I	SDF Defence Flight	                  cr on t/o 27 May 1940- engine failure	
	L1562	Hurricane I	SDF Defence Flight		Aug/Sep 1940 replaced following combat damage
	L1592/KW-Z Hurricane I	SDF Defence Flight		arr 10 Oct 1940.(Some say coded ZQ-U)					
	Special Countermeasures Flight  operated 3 Ansons in 6-40
	Naval Trials Unit /Naval Air Radio Installation Unit.
         W1706    Anson I
         DJ545    Anson IV + others
         MG636    Anson I  
         K6288     Anson (1944)
         W1706    Anson (1944)
         NK614     Anson ASH trainer(1945)
         NK869     Anson ASH trainer (1945)
         X8798    Fulmar II
         BP838    Fulmar II
         PG975    Oxford I (Comms Flt) replaced  FK917
         FK917    Reliant I(Comms Flt ) arr Jan 44 ,overturned in Xwind landing 01-03-44
         MP504    Wellington XI  (cr 25-05-44)
         MP543    Wellington XI
         Z8399    Wellington II
         N9608    Anson (1942)
         DJ469    Anson (1942)
         BJ566    Martlett(Autumn 42)
         DR875    Defiant  TT  667 Sq (plus  others) from  on landing 15 Dec 43
         PM819   Barracuda  + 5(Feb 1945)
         KB417   Mosquito B25 arr 5 may 1945 for  radar trials
         758 Squadron
HN127/U1YY Oxford PH248/U2JJ Oxford
         B Flight Special Duties Flt ,arrived 8-5-40 renamed Telecommunications Flying Unit(TFU),departed 10 Nov 1941 to Hurn
X9304 DH.83 Special Duties Flight (TOC 16-07-40) X9305 DH.83 Special Duties Flight (TOC ) P3929 Hurricane Special Duties Flight Consul Special Duties Flight Hampden Special Duties Flight Defiant Special Duties Flight T1439 Lysander III Special Duties Flight Ditched 20-09-41 ran out of fuel T1770 Lysander III Special Duties Flight AE461 Boston Special Duties Flight Harvard Special Duties Flight V1187 Avro Rota Special Duties Flight Feb & May 1941
K6253 Anson Special Duties Flight (Three a/c) P4832 Blenheim IV Special Duties Flight Ditched in Channel 17-7-41,25 miles of coast. Flt/Lt D Rayment DFC and Sgt R Sadler missing. P4830 Blenheim IV Special Duties Flight Cr Longford Castle 17-09-40 T1939 Blenheim IV Special Duties Flight N3522 Blenheim IV Special Duties Flight 1941 V6000 Blenheim IV Special Duties Flight 1941 P9565 Spitfire 1a Special Duties Flight arr 15-10-40 P9566 Spitfire 1A needs confirmation LR Spitfire Special Duties Flight DR622 Cierva Autogiro Special Duties Flight 13-07-41 to 20-07-41(ex G-ACYH) AP507 Cierva Autogiro Special Duties Flight 1941(arr as G-ACWP) K4239 Avro Rota I Special Duties Flight 03-09-40 to 11-09-40 T4223 Harrow Special Duties Flight (2 a/c) K7005 Harrow Special Duties Flight Ditched off Hengistbury Head 28-04-4.eng failure L6029 Hereford Special Duties Flight N1370 Whitley V Special Duties Flight Fcd Ldg N of field on 4th July 1940 Z6762 Whitley V Special Duties Flight K9230 Battle Special Duties Flight (2 a/c) Dragon Rapide Special Duties Flight Vega Gull Special Duties Flight K8049(?)Gladiator Special Duties Flight AM922 B-24A Liberator 1 Special Duties Flight 14-08-41 to 18-09-41 (ex 40-2361) DZ203 Boeing 247D Special Duties Flight arr 02-08-41 from Speke (NC13344 impressed) BGA425 Scott 1 Viking Special Duties Flight 21st June/July 1940 BGA415 Scott 1 Viking Special Duties Flight 21st June/July 1940 BGA426 Scott 1 Viking Special Duties Flight 21st June/July 1940 BGA338 Minimoa Glider Special Duties Flight Used in 1940. "5"(unconfirmed marks ) Slingsby Kite 1 c/n355A built by Slingsby with non metallic control system for RAF. 5.5.40 To SDF Christchurch June 1940 for radar trials. AX871 Avro 504N Special Duties Flight(ex G-ADBM) AX874 Avro 504N Special Duties Flight(ex G-ADBP) AX875 Avro 504N Special Duties Flight(ex G-ADET) BK892 Avro 504N Special Duties Flight(ex G-ADEV) X9304 Fox Moth Special Duties Flight(ex G-ABUT) arr16-7-40,dep 3-9-40 X9305 Fox Moth Special Duties Flight(ex G-ACFF) arr22-10-40,dep 8-2-41 T6387 Tiger Moth II Special Duties Flight R5191 Tiger Moth II Special Duties Flight

DG604 Horsa 1 First flight 15-02-42(pilot George Errington)
DG609 Horsa 1 First flight 12-04-42(pilot George Errington)
FZ564 Dakota AirspeedTrials aircraft 1943-45
FD320 Vengeance present late 45 HG341 Vickers Warwick, Airspeed engine development aircraft for Ambassador BD443 Whitley V Airspeed ( glider tug for Horsa testing?)
LA821 Whitley V Airspeed ( glider tug for Horsa testing?)
One of these aircraft is seen below, photographed in the spring of 1943 by Douglas Jones.
        The gentleman in the photo is Horton Luscombe who was one of the maintenance crew.
        (photo via  the John Havers Collection).

652 AOP Squadron operated Austers (arrived 26-1-44)

595 Sq with Spitfires,detachment late 45 from Aberporth for anti-aircraft co-operation' duties.

H Flt/1AACUAnsons & Battles (eg:N2119).

Miscellaneous X7341 DH.89 RN Christchurch 04-06-45 T2449 AS 45 Cambridge c/n 545 resident 1944 DE241 Tiger Moth II Stored postwar,became G-AREH LZ551/G Vampire De Havillands 1945 for modification for deck trials MB315 Seafire IIc cr 25-6-41 VP194 Mosquito B35 resident 1947 used by Airspeed. RT935 Halifax A.IX Used in 1948-49 by Airspeed/D.H. to tow out overhauled Horsas.
Photo below from the collection of Airspeed Chief Test Pilot George Errington (via Mike Phipp).

Photo above from Airspeed via Flight shows a Horsa under tow at Christchurch - possibly by RT935(see above).

RN340,346,367,380,TL135,136 Horsas , undergoing rebuilding at Airspeed March 1949 HG341 Warwick GR.II Centaurus engine testbed 1946-47 K3880 Hart stored 1944-50s XJ580 Sea Vixen FAW1 preserved outside DH factory 1984-1997.(Photo below by Garry Lakin)

XN264 Whirlwind HAS 7 preserved at Somerford Hotel (opposite the Airfield)August 1975 till 1981 (Photo by Trevor Davies)

89GS Formed at Christchurch March 1944 ,redesignated 622GS in 1955 Dates given in the majority of cases only indicate a span within which time the aircraft was present at some point.If anyone has any more definite dates , please feel free to send in the information.(see top of page for contact info). Dagling Mk1 89GS 1944 PD468 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 RA940 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 RA826 Cadet.Mk1 89GS RA825 Cadet MK1 1949 RA885 Cadet.Mk1 89GS RA964 Cadet.Mk1 89GS RA998 Cadet.Mk1 89GS RA949 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 RA943 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 RA936 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 RB269 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 RA887 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 RB113 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 RA820 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 RA906 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 RA826 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 VF189 Cadet Mk1 89GS 1945- VM596 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 VW512 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 VW504 Cadet Mk1 89GS 1949 VM586 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 VM667 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 VM534 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 TS354 Cadet.Mk1 89GS 1944-49 VM695 Cadet.MkII 89GS 1944-49 VW538 Cadet.MkII 89GS 1944-49 RB136 Grunau Baby 89GS 1944-49 VT917 Grunau Baby 89GS 1944-49 WE985 Prefect 89GS 1949- WB937 T-21B 89GS/622 GS.ATC Del 01-06-50 WB944 T-21B 89GS/622 GS.ATC Del 22-11-49 WB948 T-21B 89GS/622 GS.ATC Del 28-12-49 WB990 T-21B 89GS/622 GS.ATC Del until 1963 WB991 T-21B 89GS/622 GS.ATC Del until 1963 WB993 T-21B 89GS/622 GS.ATC Del 02-06-50here until 1963 WE985 Prefect TX.1 present 06-09-59 WT897 Cadet TX3 622GS Del 29-10-51..W/O 18-01-61 WT898 Cadet TX3 622GS 1954-1963 WT914 Cadet TX3 622GS 1962-1963 WT917 Cadet TX3 622GS 17-08-55 till Cat 4 on 7-11-55 XA289 Cadet TX3 622GS XE793 T-21B 622 GS.ATC here until 1963 XN246 T-31B 622GS 1955- April 1963 XN247 T-31B 622GS.ATC Del 14-07-59 crashed on the airfield 19th August 1962 XN248 T-31B 622GS.ATC DE673/6948M Tiger Moth 622GS arrived in dismantled state in 1960 ?? Tiger Moth 622GS arrived in dismantled state in 1960 The photos below of 622GC, kindly provided by Colin Pomeroy show .... (Left to right) WT898(Cadet TX3),a Bedford 15cwt truck used by the school, one of the Wild glider winches(originally built by M B Wild & Co as Barrage Balloon winch in WW2), unidentified Sedburgh,WB990 (T21B Sedburgh). Click on the image to see a large version.

        The two photos below  are taken from 622GS Christmas cards sent out  in the early 1950s.(via Stephen Cullen)
	USAAF.405FG/509-510-511FS P-47Ds	Codes G9/2Z/K4			
	Unit arrived March 44  WITH 73 P-47Ds and left to France 29-6-44.
        The aircraft listed below are thought to have been used by the Group at some point during their stay at Christchurch.
        However there are many unknowns and anomalies.   
        If you can add to or correct the list below, please CONTACT ME.
Click on serial for picture where available. 42-25507/G9-A 509FS 'Huckle De Buck' s/d by flak 180644, Pilot Maj Paul E Gardiner 42-25577/G9-N 509FS 'Fat Cat' 42-25990/G9-O 509FS 'Jabo' 42-26250/G9-G 509FS 'Turtle No.9' 42-26338 509FS cr XCH 290644 Pilot : William W. Chapman Jr. 42-26643/G9-D 509FS 'The Virgin' 42-27210/G9-E 509FS 'Look No Hands' 42-27239/ 509FS 42-27316/G9-J 509FS 'Chief Ski-O-Watha'(or Chief Ski-O-Mah II?) 42-28232 509FS 'Wooooooooooooo' 42-28370/G9-R 509FS 'Stinkey' 42-74726 509FS LAC 30/03/44 Christchurch - Pilot :Jack R. Stampley 42-75409 509FS 'Betty' 42-75454 509FS 42-75461/G9-D 509FS 42-75861 509FS Cr 05/07/44 St Alban's Head Pilot :John H. Weir - KIA 42-76119 509FS 42-76315 509FS s/d 16/06/44 at Gorron(France).Pilot: Leonard J. Schallehn escaped. 42-76425 509FS cr on take off Christchurch 29/06/44 Pilot:Vincent R.James-Ok 42-76476 509FS cr on t/o XCH 290644 Pilot:Vincent R.James killed +13 on ground. 42-76528/G9-H 509FS, s/d 03/06/44 Hedouville Pilot: William M.Downey taken POW 42-76529/G9- 509FS, s/d 22/06/44 Les Baux-de-Breteuil Pilot: Frank J. Boryczka 42-76580 509FS TOA Xch 19/04/44 Pilot: Delmar R.Dawn 42-76656/G9-V 509FS 'Vonnie '(may be 42-76556) 41-6358/2Z-O 510FS 'California ' Cr 23/06/44 Jersey Pilot : Walter R. Davis - POW 42-7965 510FS. LAC Halesworth 13/5/44.Pilot: Boleslaw Kociencki 42-8596 510FS TOA Christchurch 12/06/44 42-8669/2Z-O 510FS 'Mormon Meteor' 42-8698/2Z-K 510FG 42-25516 510FS SD 13/05/44 at Wolphaartsdijk (Hol.)Pilote: William B.Taylor Jr.- POW 42-25520/2Z-X 510FS 'Georgia Peach' 42-25523/2Z-A 510FS 42-25718/2Z-P 510FS 'Little LuLu' 42-27181/2Z-D 510FS 'Red Hot Mama' 42-27184 510FS 42-28286 510FS 42-28297/2Z-R 510FS 42-75174/2Z- 510FS 42-75559 510FS 42-76076/2Z-M 510FS 'Touch of Texas' 42-76151/2Z-L 510FS 'Peg O My Heart' 42-76237/2Z 510FS cr landing Xch 21/03/44 Pilot: Howard J. Curran 42-76248 510FS 'Parsons Wife'.cr 24/05/44 in Channel - Pilot:George R. Mitchiner MIA 42-76327 510FS 42-76332/ 510FS cr on landing Xch 20/05/44 Pilot : Duane M.Bunce. 42-76334 510FS 42-76367/2Z-N 510FS 'Nancy' 42-76373 510FS 42-76447 510FS 42-76520 510FS 'Tipsy D' 42-76553/2Z-B 510FS. 'The Bug' s/d 24/05/44- Pilot:Arlie J. Blood POW 42-76576 510FS cr on landing Chilbolton 29-05-44.Pilot: Leon C.Sparkman .repaired 42-76588/2Z-H 510FS 'The Scarab II' 42-76591/2Z-B 510FS 'Yankee Tarheel' 42-26115 511FS s/d 22/06/44 nr Evruex Pilot : Edward J. Wilk - POW 42-26318 511FS 42-26327 511FS 42-26471/K4-D 511FS 'Judy II' 42-28633/K4-V 511FS 'Margo' 42-29150/K4-S 511FS 'Dottie Mae' cr 13/06/44 42-74663/W-K4 511FS 42-75413 511FS 42-75656/K4-E 511FS S/D St-Lo 18/06/44 Pilot: Calvin E. King - KIA 42-76064/K4-J 511FS TOA Christchurch 19/05/44-Pilot:Lloyd V. New 42-76091/K4-P 511FS TOA Christchurch 19/05/44-Pilot:Homer Smith Jr. 42-76133/K4-D 511FS lost 23/05/44 at Longny-au-Perche . Pilot: Cicero N. Morgan - KIA 42-76166/K4-Y 511FS T/O acc Xch 10/06/44 Pilot: George W. Arnold Jr. 42-76200/K4-L 511FS 42-76354/K4-U 511FS 'Which way’d he go GEORGE'.s/d 14/06/44 Pointe de Barfleur. Pilot:Thomas J.Pickett 42-76361 511FS Accident at Christchurch 23/03/44, pilot Frederick Wilson .repaired. 42-26392 511FS 42-76444 511FS S/d 22/06/44 Grand-Camp Pilot : Lloyd G. Zahn KIA 42-76450 511FS missing 26/04/44 near Le Val/Brix Pilot :Harry W.Williams(KIA) 42-76459/K4-V 511FS Fcd ldg 24/06/44 Cricqueville/A-2 - Pilot : Julian R. Morford 42-76461/K4-N 511FS TOA at Christchurch 18-04-44.Pilot: Bill E.Myers.repaired. 42-76467/K4-R 511FS Cr nr Winkton 12/06/44 after explosion .Pilot: George T. Quinlin killed 42-76469/K4-Q 511FS Mid-air at Christchurch 21/03/44 Pilot John R.Willingham Jr. 42-76479/K4-B 511FS 'Little Joe',SD at Chavagne 14/06/44 Pilot J.P.Marr KIA.(also "Ginny"?) 42-76485/K4-A 511FS Ground accident Christchurch 07/06/44.Pilot : Charles D. Nachand Jr. 42-76490/K4-H 511FS 'Knobby' 42-76491 511FS Acc landing Xch 06/06/44 Pilot: Calvin E. King 42-76496 511FS 'K-Kid'.S/D 22/06/44 Cloyes-sur-le-Loir Pilot: Boleslaw Kociencki - KIA 42-76513/K4-S 511FS 42-76514/K4-P 511FS 43-25591 511FS LAC at Christchurch 20/05/44.Pilot: John R. Willingham Jr. 43-705 L-4B 405FG/510FS,Involved in Midair collision over Avon (KCR)village 28 May 44. 42-106xxx P-51B 405FG Can anyone add to or complete the serial numbers of any above?
The aircraft below is 42-76520 - one the Christchurch based aircraft -
it served with the 510FS and was destroyed in France during July 1944.
There were obviously many other aircraft ,both residents and visitors  that are not listed on this website.
If you can fill some gaps please contact me at
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