1931 Schneider Trophy Race Calshot

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The course.

In 1931 the Schneider Trophy Contest was once more held in England,once again the aircraft were based at Calshot. The contest,scheduled on September 12th - actually took place on the 13th due to bad weather.The start and finish of the 186 mile course was located at Ryde, and there were turning points NE of Cowes(IoW) and at West Wittering.

Originally entries were to have been from France ,Italy and Great Britain, France withdrew due engine developement problems and Italy withdrew due to inability to be ready in time.

This left the British team consisting of Lt. J.N. Boothman , F.W. Long and L.S. Snaith,in a "walkover" position.

Boothman, flying Supermarine S.6B,S1595 flew the course and captured the third victory for Great-Britain uncontested. The Schneider Trophy was permanently awarded to Great Britain.

Number. Reg'n.   A/c type.                Pilot.                  Remarks
2:      S1595    Supermarine S 6B         J Boothman              Winner 340.1 mph
4:      N248     Supermarine S.6 
7:      S1596    Supermarine S6B 

S1595/2.Supermarine S.6B .

S1596 Supermarine S.6B .

S1596 Supermarine S.6B.

The three British aircraft at Calshot...Left to Right: S1596,N248,S1595

Left to Right:S1596,N248,S1595.

Squadron Leader Orlebar, A.F.C., Captain of the High-Speed Flight, and Mr. R. J. Mitchell, Supermarine Chief Designer

Left:THE SCHNEIDER TROPHY WINNER : Flt Lt J. N. BOOTHMAN,Right:Flt-Lt G. H. STAINFORTH.World Speed record holder 379 mph.

The British High Speed Flight.

The Schneider Trophy.


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