1929 Schneider Trophy Race Calshot

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The course.

In 1929 the Schneider Trophy Contest was once more held in England, this time at Calshot, on September 7th.The start and finish of the 186 mile course was located at Cowes, and there were turning points at Sea View(IoW) ,a point about 6 miles S of Hayling Island and Southsea.

Great Britain and Italy, entered teams of 3 aircraft each.France was unable to enter a team and a United States entry by Al Williams failed to participate.

Number. Reg'n.   A/c type.                Pilot.                  Remarks
1:               Not used
2:      N247     Supermarine  S.6         H R D Waghorn           Winner 328.63 mph
3:               Not used
4:      MM??     Macchi M.52.R            T.Dal Molin.            2nd place.
5:      N219     Supermarine S.5          D'Arcy Creig            3rd Place 
6:               Not used
7:      MM105    Macchi  M.67             Remo Cadringher         Did not finish
8:      N248     Supermarine S.6          Richard Atcherley       Disqualified
9:               Not used
10:     MM103    Macchi  M.67             Giovani Monti           Did not finish
Also present were the two Gloster-Napier VI aircraft, N249 & N250- these failed to qualify.

N247/2.Supermarine S.6 .

N219/5 Supermarine S.5 .

N248/8 Supermarine S.6.

MM?? /4 Macchi M.52.R

MM105 /7 Macchi M.67 .

MM103/10 Italian team Macchi M.67

The Prince of Wales with the British Team.

The Prince of Wales with the Italian Team .

One of the Naval vessels used as Turning points.

Score board at Ryde on the Isle of Wight.


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