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Simmonds Spartan Production list and more pictures.
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Simmonds Spartan Aircraft in New Zealand in the 1930s

Shown below are several pictures sent to me by Howard Haugh in New Zealand and an anonymous donor.The top three came to Howard from Gerald O'Brien.Most of these pictures originally appeared in a local newspaper in NZ in the 30s.


Picture 1 - ZK-ABK (c/n 46)After crash

Picture 2 is believed to be at Dunedin ,but the aircraft is unfortunately unidentified

Picture 3 & 4 - ZK-ABL (c/n 39) at Hawea Flats(near Wanaka)

Pictures 5 and 6 both on the same occasion at Dunedin,the aircraft is ZK-AAY (c/n 4)


My thanks to Howard Haugh and Gerald O'Brien for sending in these photos.I don't know what the copyright situation may be after 70 years,but if anyone has any valid objections to these picture being here ,please contact me at "" and I will remove them.In addition,if you can add anything to the newspaper captions ,please contact me.
This undated picture of ZK-AAP was sent in by Eddie Coates
Another one from Eddie shows ZK-ABU - possibly at some kind of airshow judging by the spectators. Can anyone add more information?
1930s picture of a Spartan at Franz Josef.
ZK-ABL over Dannevirke in the 1930s.
Above:ZK-ABL at Rongatai Aerodrome(Wellington) circa 1931

Below are several photos of ZK-ABN received from Peter Lewis.
The top three pictures show before and after an arguement with a wire netting fence(probably circa 1933), and the lower pictures show the aircraft following an accident on Oct 31st 1939.

Below :1930s photo of ZK-AAW dropping a parachutist over Christchurch..

More Spartan pictures from New Zealand
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