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EGHM.Lat/Long 50 51 33 N/01 19 36 W .Grid ref SU 477077 .80 feet ASL.Ident "HA".4 miles S/E of Southampton

RUNWAYS: Grass(all fields).North - 18/36 940x46 Metres(1972):20/02."In addition the entire manoeuvering area may be used"(Pooleys Guide 1972). South and Browns-no details.

hamble map
Hamble-showing the various airfields etc.
"A" = Fairey Aviation (1915) approximate location.
"B"Armstrong Whitworth Factory.
"C" Hamble South airfield-(AVRO 1916).
"D" No.1(southern)Marine Acceptance Depot (1917 - Grid ref SU 478061).
"E" British Marine Aircraft,(1935 -Grid ref SU 469072))-Later Folland/Hawker Siddely/British Aerospace.
"F" Hamble North Airfield(1926).
"G" approximate location of "Browns" aerodrome.

John Turner has kindly provided some photos from his father's( Joe Turner) photo album.

Joe was works manager at AST until around 1961.

Most of the photos are of the AW Ensign which was built ar Hamble by Armstrong Whitworth in the factory shown as "B" on the map above.

Those images date from 1938 when the prototype Ensign G-ADSR made it's first flight on 24th of January.

It is believed that the original images may have been the work of a Southern Newspapers photographer.

In addition , at the foot of the page are photos of two Engine test bed aircraft which were converted ar Hamble in the post war years. The aircraft are the ATAR Meteor RA491(- an F4 with F8 forward fuselage) circa 1951, and an Avon Lincoln ( probably RA716.G).

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