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Updated 25 Nov 2014.

MAXF,later EGUF till 1995,EGLF\,
.Lat/Long 50 16 45N/00 45 53W .
Grid ref SU 856538 .
220 feet ASL:
1.5 miles NNE of Aldershot.

18/36 1000x50 yds.25/07 2050x50 yds later extended to 2600 yds.
22/04 1360x50 yds.
12/30 1000x50 yds.

First use of the site which became Farnborough airfield was by the Army Balloon Factory in 1904 ,which moved to Farnborough from nearby Aldershot in 1905.Britain's first Military airship was designed and built at Farnborough in 1907.
Four contempory postcards showing the wreck of the Morning Post LeBaudy Airship which ,on 4th May 1911,hit "Woodlands Cottage"in Farnborough and crashed.
Postcards showing (LEFT)Army airship Gamma and (RIGHT)the Army Airship Beta....both at Farnborough..
The photos taken in 1911 & 1910 respectively show the 250ft long by 70ft high Airship Hangar. This hangar was dismantled but is now being reconstructed at Farnborough as the centrepiece of Farnborough Air Sciences Trust's business park.
See more contempory postcard pictures of Airships at Farnborough.
Samuel Cody,who was a civilian Kite Instructor with the Balloon Factory,made his famous first powered flight there on 16/10/08.He was later to die in a crash on Cove Common 7/8/13(Cody's life - detailed history.).

French postcard showing the arrival of Cody's machine at Farnborough.
See more contempory postcard pictures of Colonel Cody and his aeroplanes.
ABOVE LEFT:Unidentified Avro aircraft in 1914 - possibly at Farnborough.ABOVE RIGHT:"Maurice Farman Biplane in Flight Farnboro".BELOW: The Farman Biplane in the hangar and on the Airfield.
Below:The new Army "Mono-Biplane".Above:Cody's new biplane - both pictures from around 1912.
Maurice Farman Biplane at Farnborough - circa 1912.
LEFT:B.E.2a No.449....RIGHT:B.E.2 No.220 with No.206 visible on the left.
Circa 1912 overhead view of the Royal Aircraft Factory
Circa 1915 aerial view of the Royal Aircraft Factory
As the emphasis moved from balloons to aeroplanes,the Balloon Factory became the Army Aircraft Factory April 1911.The RFC was formed on 13/5/1912,and with it,the first Squadron ,No 1 Sq, was formed.Throughout WW1 the establishment,by now renamed the Royal Aircraft Factory,produced and repaired hundreds of aircraft for the RFC.

Geoffrey De Havilland- one of the early pioneers at Farnborough.

At the end of WW1,the RFC became the Royal Air Force,and the Royal Aircraft Factory was renamed the Royal Aircraft Establishment.This was the starting point of some 70 years of aircraft research and experimental work which has made Farnborough world famous.During WW2 ,the hard runways ,which had been extended several times,were again extended ,and in the 60s the main runway was added to yet again.

Farnborough seen from the air early in WW2
Farnborough in the late 60s with the SBAC site at the bottom,the RAE buildings at the top right.

From 1948 onwards,the annual(later bi-annual) SBAC Show has been held at Farnborough,and ,hopefully will continue to held at this famous location.The RAE began a gradual rundown of it's presence at Farnborough in the early 80s,and a civil enclave opened in 1989.This has grown as the RAE presence has diminished and is now the main source of aircraft movements.The airfield is now operated by Tag Aviation and is also the home of the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST) aircraft museum.

For reports from the Farnborough Air Shows since 1948 look here.

Farnboro 2000
An airshot of Farnborough in the 1990s.
Farnboro 06
A more recent airshot of Farnborough showing the new commercial terminal area on the northwest side.

It is impossible to cover the history of somewhere like Farnborough in a few paragraphs.If you want to know more I suggest reading some of the many books that have been written on the subject.

The Farnborough(EGLF)2007 Aviation Group provides very up-to-the-minute information on all movements etc. at Farnborough.You need to follow the link and join the group to receive the Emails(Either individually or as a daily digest).

1 Sq Formed 13/5/12 from No.1(Airship)Company.dep 1/1/14
2 Sq.Boxkite/Longhorn/BE1/BE2/Farman Formed from No.2 (Aeroplane)Company.dep 26/2/13
2 Sq,NBE.2/RE.1,arr 5/8/14,dep 12/8/14.
2 Sq ,F-2B,arr 27/9/22.dep 17/9/23.
4 Sq,Cody V/Breguet/BE.1/BE.4/Caudron G11,formed from part of 2 Sq 16/9/12 dep 14/6/13
4 Sq,F-2B,re-established 30/4/20,dep 26/9/22.
4 Sq ,F-2B/Atlas/audax,arr 18/9/23,dep 16/2/37
5 Sq,Avro E/F.20/SE.2A/BE.1/Tabloid,formed 26/7/13 from part of 3 Sq,dep 28/5/14
6 SQ ,Various types,formed 31/1/14,dep 9/14
6 Sq,BE.2A/BE.8/F.20,arr 4/9/14,dep 7/10/14
7 Sq,Longhorn/Tabloid/BE.8,formed 1/5/14,disbanded 8/8/14.
7 Sq,F.20/Avro E/Vickers FB,reformed 29/9/14 dep 24/10/14
10 Sq ,various types,Formed 1/1/15 dep 8/1/15
15 Sq,Formed 1/3/15 dep 3/4/15
16 SQ Lysander IIIA,detachment arr 10/41 dep 11/41
31 SQ ,Be2C,Formed 11/10/15,dep 27/11/15
53 Sq,Be.2E,arr 11/12/16,dep 26/12/16.
53 Sq ,Hector,reformed 28/6/37,dep 8/3/38.
70 Sq One and a Half Strutter,formed 22/4/16,dep 31/5/16
100 Sq,Be.2C,arr 23/2/17,dep 21/3/17
101 Sq arr 12/7/17,dep 25/7/17
108 Sq ,Hind,arr 18/2/37,dep 7/7/37
285 Sq ,Hurricane IV,detachment arr 11/44,dep 1/45
287 Sq,Various types,detachment arr 11/41,dep 8/44
290 Sq,Martinet ,detachment arr 8/44
653 SQ,Tiger Moth/Auster 1/Taylorcraft +C,arr 8/7/42,dep 7/9/42.
656 Sq,Scout/Gazelle,Formed from 664 Sq 10/78,dep 12/3/82
664 Sq,,Sioux/Scout,re formed 10/69,disbanded 3/78
No.1 AACU,Wallace/Henley,arr 11/4/38
7 AACU,arr late 1942.
1 AACU - a 1941 Unit Photograph from John Andrews , whose father served in the unit.

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