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Updated 8 November 22014

Lat/Long 50 49 00N/01 46 45W .
Grid ref SU 148015.
55 feet ASL.
USAAF Station No.415

RUNWAYS Sommerfeld track(steel matting) 02/20 1600 yds , (08/26 1370 yds -dimensions unconfirmed)

BISTERNE A.L.G Runway Layout.NB:Large portions of the taxiways shown on the map were planned but not actually built.(Air Ministry 1944)
Bis 44
BISTERNE A.L.G two weeks before D-Day (22 May 44)

BISTERNE A.L.G.(Advanced Landing Ground) was constructed in the summer of 1943 by the 5005 RAF Airfield Construction Sq on farmland to the east of the B3347 road ,2 miles south of Ringwood.Some parts of the taxiways and hardstandings shown above were never completed.The airfield was occupied by the USAAF on 7th March 1944 in the build up to D-Day.The airfield had to be closed for a short time in April/May due to waterlogging,and the aircraft moved temporarily to Ibsley.Shortly after D-Day the aircraft moved out to France and the field was closed.By early 1945 the steel matting runways had been removed and the land returned to agriculture.

Sixty years on it is still possible to make out where the airfield was by comparing the photo below with the map above..

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt
stars and stripes
371 FG(404/405/406 Fighter Sq) P-47D codes-9Q/8N/4W
Arrived 7/5/44 (aircraft arriving later)
Departed to Normandy 17/6/44

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