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		PEMBERTON -BILLING Production			
		3 monoplanes built or converted (to floatplanes) in 1909			
		none were successful,original types not known			
		PB.1	Flying boat,exhibited at Olympia 1914(picture below)
1267 PB.IX designed and built in 7 days,f/f 12-08-14 from a small field in the vicinity of Woolston piloted by Mr V Mahl (Picture below)
1374 PB.XI serial No.unconfirmed 1388 PB31E 1389 PB31E cancelled - not built 8487 PB23E For Pemberton-Billing School 9001 to 9020 PB25 ______________________________________ The following built by P-B under licence 1580 to 1591 Short S.38 N2760 to N2789 Norman-Thompson NT2B.N2785 to 2789 not completed N3300 to N3374 NT2B Order cabcelled ,not built. N9170 to N9199 Short 184 N9182 to 9199 believed not completed Thereafter all production was under the Supermarine name Supermarine Aviation Works Ltd,company registered 20-09-16. ************************************************************************************* SUPERMARINE AVIATION WORKS LTD WOOLSTON PRODUCTION
Supermarine Night Hawk
	9095		A.D.Navy Plane			
	9096		A.D.Navy Plane		not built	
	N1070 to N1074	A.D.Navy Plane		order cancelled	
	1412 & 1413	A.D.Flying Boat			
	N1290 to N1299	A.D.Flying Boat,only 1290 built			rest cancelled,
	N1520 to N1529	A.D.Flying Boat.			
			N1526/28/29converted to Channel Mk1s G-EAEM(c/n969)			
			G-EAEL(c/n 970),G-EAED(c/n978)			
	N1710 to N1719	A.D.Flying Boat.N1710/11/14/15/16 all conv to 			
			Channel Mk1 as G-EAEE/K/J/I/H with c/ns 977,971,			
	N2450 to N2499	A.D.Flying Boat.Only N2450 to N2456 built, rest cancelled		
			N2451 and N2452 conv to Channel Mk1 G-EAEG/F with c/ns 975 & 976.			
		        Further conversions of above-:	G-EAEH/I/J/L/M to Norway as 	
		        N9 to N12 (+1 unknown) in May 1920				
		        F38/F40/F42/F44 to Rayal Norwegian Navy ,del may/June 1920				
		        3 aircraft to Japanese Navy 1922				
		        G-NZAI to New Zealand				
		        G-EAWC c/n 1141 toVenezuala in 1921,one other unidentified to		
		        Venezuala in 1922				
	1167		Channel Mk2 c/n 1167 .to Chile.			
c/n1152	G-EAVE		Commercial Amphibian			-1920
c/n1169			Sea King Mk1			
	?		Sea King Mk2			
	N24 & N25	Patrol Seaplane cancelled 1917			
	N59 to N61      N.1b Baby.N61 cancelled before completion.			
	G-EALP		Sea Lion .written off 10-09-19	
c/n1154	G-EBAH		Sea Lion II .to N170,won Schnieder Cup 12-08-22	
c/n1163	G-EBFK		Sea Eagle.British Marine Air Navigation Co.f/f 02-05-21	
c/n1164	G-EBGR		Sea Eagle.British Marine Air Navigation Co.	
c/n1165	G-EBGS		Sea Eagle.British Marine Air Navigation Co.	
	N146		Seal II	f/f 02-06-21 ,converted to Seagull Prototype
	N174		Scylla	(5 seat seaplane - not flown)
c/n1173	N175		Swan	del August 24,became G-EBJY 09-06-26 &
			used on Woolston-Channel Is service in 1927. 	
	N147 		Seal II	
	?		Seal II for Japan	
	N146		Seagull,prototype(conv from Scylla)	
	N158 & N159	Seagull,.	
	N9562 to N9566	Seagull II	
	N9303 to N9307	Seagull II					
	N9642 to N9654	seagull II					
	A9-1 to A9-6	Seagull III Royal Australian Navy .del 1926					
	?		Seagull	Japan(Probably a Mark III- see image below)
Japanese Postcard showing the sole Seagull sold to Japan. Aircraft behind is a Vickers Viking flying boat.

N1(K4797) Seagull V,private venture,became prototype Walrus FF 20-06-33 N180 Sheldrake (Seagull development) M-NSAA to M-NSAL Scarab M-NSAA f/f21-05-24,all del by sea. N218 Improved Seagull.1927 c/n1211 G-EBJP Sparrow.for 1924 Air Ministry light Aeroplane contest N212 & N213 Seamew N212 f/f 09-01-29
Supermarine Southampton I
	N9896 to N9901	Southampton I		N9896 del 02-05-25			
	N218		Southampton II prototype(exN9896?)					
	S1036 to S1045	Southampton I		1926			
	S1058 & S1059	Southampton I					
	S1121 to S1128	Southampton I					
	S1149 to S1152	Southampton II.					
	S1158 to S1162	Southampton II,1927.S1159 to RAAF as A11-1
	S1228 to S1236	Southampton II,1927,
	J-BAID		Southampton II.Japanese Navy ,del 1928  
	S1248 & S1249	Southampton II
	HB-01 to HB-8	Southampton II,Argentine Naval Air Force,del 1929/30
	N251		Southampton X.1928
	N252		Southampton X.f/f March 1930
	N253		Southampton X,ex S1149,became K2888.
	S1298 to S1302	Southampton II.1928
	S1419 to S1423	Southampton II.1929
	S1464		Southampton II
	S1643 to S1647	Southampton II
	S1648		Southampton IV,became Scapa
	K2888 & K2889	Southampton II,K2888 ex N253
	K2964 & K2965	Southampton II/III
	N3 to N8	Southampton .For Turkey,all del 1934 using class "B" marks. 
c/n1244	99		Solent	for Danish Navy.not del,became G-AAAB.f/f 21-06-27
Supermarine Air Yacht
c/n1285	G-AASE		Air Yacht.f/f Feb 1930					
	K4191 to K4202	Scapa					
	K7304 to K7306	Scapa	all del 1936
Supermarine Stranraer
	K3973		Stranraer(built as private venture)f/f27-07-34.del 04-10-34					
	K7287 to K7303	Stranraer.del between 16-04-37 & 03-03-39					
	A2-1 to A2-24	Seagull V:3R.Aust Navy.Built at Hythe.f/f(A2-1)25-06-35.(A2-24)					
	N1		Seagull V see above.Hythe built.					
	N2		Seagull V,became K4797 Walrus	
Supermarine Walrus K5772
	K5772 to K5783	Walrus	de;l between 28-03-36 & 12-07-36				
	K8338 to K8345	Walrus	del between 19-08-36 &25-09-36				
			N.B.K8345 last Walrus made at Woolston
			The following were produced at the new Itchen Factory,some were taken to Hythe for assembly.
	K8537 to K8564	Walrus.del 28-09-36 to03-06-37.Assembled at Hythe.					
	L2169 to L2336	Walrus.For Fleet Air Arm except L2301 to L2303(Eire) believed del
        as N18/19/20:and L2222,L2236,L2285 for New Zealand
	N9 to N14	Walrus,for Turkey(N9 f/f 04-02-38,N14 f/f02-03-38)
	N15 & N16	Walrus ,for Argentina as M-0-9 & M-0-10.del by sea 05-01-39.M-0-10 seen below
on the Argentinian light cruiser A.R.A. La Argentina.Photo probably January 1939.
(Photo via Cliff Thornton).
	P5646 to P5670	Walrus.(P5646 f/f 25-09-39)
	P5696 to P5720	Walrus (P5720 f/f 09-05-40)
	R6543 to R6557	Walrus (f/fs between 18-05-40 & 01-08-40)R6554 to R6557 not delivered
Supermarine Sea Otter
	K8854 & K8855	Sea Otter prototypes.K8854 f/f 29-09-38.K8855 destroyed at 
			Woolston by enemy action 26-09-40
	 (JM909 a Cowes built example was used at Itchen for Pilot training)		
	N33 to N40 	Walrus.8 a/c reworked at Woolston in 1947 ,to Argentina as 
			2-0-25 to 2-0-32

K2890 Supermarine 224 F7/30
	K2890		F7/30(Spitfire predecessor)Designed by R J Mitchell.f/f at 
			Eastliegh 20-02-34(See image above)	
        L6889&L6890	B12/36,Prototypes.Both destroyed by air raid at Itchen 26-09-40
Supermarine S24/37 Dumbo R 1810
	R1810		S24/37Supermarine 322"Dumbo"
	R1815		S24/37Supermarine 322"Dumbo"
c/n1316	G-ABLE		Type 179.not completed(N.B.Most unusually for Britain,the
        registration was later re-allotted to Cessna 170A c/n19903)
Supermarine S.4
        N196		S.4,for 1925 race.not completed
c/n1215	N197		S.4.1925 race.became G-EBLP
Postcard showing Supermarine S.5 N219 and Fl.Lt S.Webster- winner of the 1927 race.
	N219		S.5
	N220		S.5 Modified.1927 race
	N221		S.5 Modified.1927 race
	N247		S.6.ordered 03-05-29 for 1929 race.Modified to S.6a for 1931 race
	N248		S.6.ordered 03-05-29 for 1929 race.Modified to S.6a for 1931 race
Postcard showing Supermarine S.6B.S1595
	S1595		S.6B.1931 Race.Preserved
	S1596		S.6B.1931 Race.
An early Spitfire at Eastleigh in 1938.Note the Walrus in the background.
	Except where otherwise noted ,all the below were taken to Eastliegh for final assembly and first flights.
	Prototype.f/f atEastliegh 05-03-36.Pilot Mutt Summers.			
			(Supermarine type 300)				
	K9787 to K9999	Mk I ,delivery commenced19-07-38 				
	L1000 to L1096	Mk.I,last delivered07-09-39				
	O-1		Mk.I for France ,cancelled 12-07-39				
	Mass Production batches						
Mk.I	N3023 to N3072		N3091 to N3130		N3160 to N3203		N3221 to N3250
	N3264 to N3299		del between 08-09-39 & 20-01-40.(c/ns 312 to 507 but not in order) 		
			(N3296.3298 & 3299 to Castle Bromwich as sets of parts)
Mk.I	P9305 to P9339		P9360 to P9399		P9420 to P9519		P9540 to P9567
			Of the above,P9566/67 to Turkey,del via Christchurch as N22 & N23	
			in May 1940,P9544 to Portugal  in Oct 1943
	P9568 to P9584(Cancelled)
Mk.I	R6595 to R6644		R6683 to R6722		R6751 to R6780		R6799 to R6818
	R6829 to R6840		R6879 to R6928		R6957 to R 6996		R7015 to R7044
	R7055 to R7074		R7114 to R7163		R7192 to R7231		R7250 to R7279
	R7290 to R7309		R7333 to R7350		Many converted on line to Mk.V/VB/PR.C.V	
 & PR.IV.18 assembled at Chattis Hill(including R7252)
Supermarine Spitfire Floatplane V
			R6722 was Mk.VA Floatplane(converted at Woolston).				
			First delivery was R6595 on 09-05-40,last wasR7350 on 24-04-41				
Mk.VB	W3109 to W3138		W3168 to W3187		W3207 to W3216		W3226 to W3265
	W3305 to W3334		W3364 to W3383		W3403 to W3412		W3422 to W3461
	W3501 to W3530		W3560 to W3579		W3599 to W3608		W3618 to W3657
	W3697 to W3726		W3756 to W3775		W3795 to W3804		W3814 to W3853
	W3893 to W3902		W3931 to W3970				
			Some assembled at Chattis Hill				
			Above includes 25 Mk.VA  & one Mk.III
		Aircraft assembled or built here	(no airfield)	
		PA143      	Seagull ASR1  		assembled here 1943
		PA147		Seagull ASR1  		assembled here 1943
		PA152                       		Seagull ASR1  		not completed
		NS847		Seafire F.XV		assembled here 1943
		TS409		Supermarine  E10/44 Attacker.Built here 		
				taken to High Post for first Flight 1946		
		TS413		Supermarine E10/44 Attacker.Built here		
				taken to High Post ,f/f 17-06-47		
				piloted by Mike Lithgow		
		TS416  		Supermarine E10/44 Attacker.Built here		
		VV106		Supermarine Type510.Built here	
				Taken to Boscombe Down for f/f 29-12-48	
				Piloted by Mike Lithgow	
		VV119		Supermarine Type 528/535,Built here	
				Taken to Boscombe Down for f/f 27-03-50	
				Piloted by Mike Lithgow	
Supermarine Type 508
		VX133		Supermarine Type 508,Believed assembled here	
				f/f at Boscombe Down	
		VX136		Supermarine Type 529,Believed assembled here	
				f/f at Boscombe Down	
		VX138		Supermarine Type 525,Believed assembled here	
				f/f at Boscombe Down	
		WJ960		Supermarine Type 541 Swift.Built here.	
		WJ965		Supermarine Type 541 Swift.Built here.	
				f/f at Boscombe Down,piloted by D.Morgan.18-07-52	
		WK195 		Swift F.1	Assembled here.
		In addition to the above,TM379,the Seafire F45 Prototype is believed to have passed thru here.

Hampshire Airfields
Dorset Airfields