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Royal Aircraft Factory Production at Farnborough

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Nieuport Nighthawk
	No.26		R.E.5			1913
	No.2864		F.E.2A			
	4227 &4228	F.E.2A			
	No.4295		F.E.2A			
	6328 to 6377	F.E.2B			
	7456 to 7458	F.E.8	Prototypes		
	7993 & 7994	F.E.4			1916
	No.7995		F.E.2D			1916
	7996 & 7997	R.E.8			1916
	A1 to A40	F.E.2D			
	A66 to A115	R.E.8			1916/17
	A1932 to A1966	F.E.2D			
	A3506 to A3530	R.E.8			
	A4561 to A4563	S.E.5	A4563 became S.E.5a		
	A4818 to A4844	F.E.9	only 8 completed		
	A4845 to A4868	S.E.5	A4846 became S.E.5A		
	A5143 to A5152	F.E.2D			1917
	A5497 to A5499	F.E.2A			
	A8898 to A8947	S.E.5	A8901 became S.E.5A		
				A8947 became S.E.5B		
	A8950		F.E.2B			
	A8951 to A8956	T.E.1	Possibly not built		
	B3971 to B3976	N.E.1			1917/18
	B4851 to B4900	S.E.5A			
	B8781 to B8783	A.E.3			
	B8802 to B8813	Handley-Page 0/400			1918
	C1051 to C1150	S.E.5A			
	C3487 to C3498	Handley-Page 0/400			1918
	D7001 to D7050	S.E.5A			
	F2915 to F2944	Vickers Vimy.Not all built.			
	J6585		A.W.Tadpole.Converted from DH-9 E8522			
	J6801 to J6848	Nieuport Nighthawk.Production shared with British Caudron Co			
	J6928 & J6929	Nieuport Nighthawk.			
	N97 & N98	C.E.1			
	No.1(Southern)Aircraft Repair Depot at South Farnborough.					
	B7731 to B2830		Serial numbers reserved for use on miscellaneous rebuilt aircraft			
	Royal Aircraft Establishment					
	K2235 		DH60M	Built from parts.
Royal Aircraft Factory SE 5A(Left) and FE.2B(right)
Handley Page 0/400

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