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		From 1915 until the late 1930s,most Fairey floatplanes/seaplanes		
		were built the company's premise at Hayes,but were erected and			
		test flown at Hamble.Where it is known that the aircraft were 			
		actually built at Hamble ,such an entry will be marked "*".			
		Any corrections /additions most welcome to "daveg4otu@aol.com"				
F.4 to F.15*			        Short 187 licence production 1915/10916		
F.16 to F.25		N1000 to N1009	Campania	N1000 f/f 10-02-17
F.180 to F.219		N2360 to N2399	Campania		
F.130 to F149           N1320 to N1339	Hamble Baby	1917
F.150 toF.179           N1450 to N1479	Hamble Baby				
F.127		        N9		type N9		f/f 05-07-17		
F.270 to F.274		N2225 to N2229		IIIB		f/f 08-08-18(N2225 ?)		
		        Others produced were N2230 toN2259(c/nsF.277 to F.306, and		
		        N9230 to N9259 (c/ns F.307 to F.336)but at least 37 were		
		        converted on production line to IIIc.Unknown how many were 
erected at Hamble.						
F.337		       N129		N.4 Titania.Assembled( but not flown )at Hamble		
		       Later flown at Felixstowe						
F.339		N133		Pintail I		f/f 07-07-20		
F.340		N134		Pintail II		f/f 25-05-21		
F.341		N135		Pintail III		f/f 08-11-21
The Fairey IIID was built as both land and seaplane.Total built was 227.
It is not known which of the RAF/FAA aircaft were  actually built as seaplanes,
many were built as one version and converted to the other.
 Those listed below are known to have started life as seaplanes and were test flown at	Hamble						
F.344		N9450		IIID		f/f ??-08-20
F.394 to F.399	ANA.1 to ANA.6	IIID	R.Aust.Navy 	
F.400 to F.402			IIID    Portugal	first a/c f/f 04-01-22
F.406		N163		Flycatcher.Prototype		f/f 28-11-22(landplane)
F.407		N164		Flycatcher.Prototype		f/f 05-05-23(floatplane)
F.408		N165		Flycatcher.Prototype		(amphibian)
F.411				IIID	Portugal	
F.542				IIID	Sweden	
F.543 to F.549				IIID	Portugal	
F.574		N198		IIIF	f/f as seaplane 20-04-26	
F641		N9777		IIID 		Kings Cup Air Race 1924
F.696				IIID 	Sweden	
F773 to F.776	F.1 to F.4	IIID	Neterlands Naval Air Service	
F.777				IIID	Seaplane trainer version	
F778				IIID	Seaplane trainer version	
F1122 to F1127 	AP-1 to AP-6	IIIF	Argentina	
	RAF/FAA production of IIIFs totaled several hundred of which many were floatplanes 					
	It is not known  if any of these were flight tested at Hamble.					
	Other seaplane versions of the IIIF were  sold to Chile ,Greece and New Zealand.					
F.1316		S1325		Seal	f/f as seaplane 29-09-32	
F.1754		S1706		S.9/30	f/f as seaplane 15-01-35	
F.2038		K4190		TSR.2(Swordfish Prototype)f/f as seaplane 10-11-34		
F.2122  *	K4304		Seafox 	Prototype	f/f 27-05-36
F.2123  *	K4305		Seafox 	Prototype	f/f 05-11-36( as landplane)
F2267 to F2315 *K8569 to K8617	Seafox 	Production(K8569 f/f 23-05-37)		
F3436 to F3450 *L4519 to L4533	Seafox 	Production		
F8455   *	G-ALBL/G-6-4	Primer	First production a/c	1948
F8456		G-ALEW/G-6-5	Primer			
F8457 to F8464			Primer	8 a/c not completed.	
	In 1940  Follands built 12 aircraft to serve as large engine test beds.			
		P1774 to P1785        Folland Fo-108  43/37 image below	
FL1     G-39-1      Midge      f/f 11-08-54										
FL2     G-39-2      Gnat F1    f/f 18-7-55  became XK724										
FL7	G-39-3      Gnat         became Indian AF IE1059 Originally allocated XK768				
FL11   	G-39-4         "                      "   IE1060									
FL9	G-39-5         "                      "   IE1061  				
FL8	G-39-6         "         became Finnish AF GN101              "           				
FL12	G-39-7		         became Finnish AF GN102		
FL14	G-39-8         "         became Yugoslav AF 11601  				
FL17	G-39-9	       "           "                11602			
FL16	G-39-10        "         became Finnish AF  GN103          				
FL24   	G-39-11        "           "              GN104				
FL18    XN122       Gnat F1   with RAF for Trials then to Indian AF as IE1064				
GNAT F1 	XK739,XK740,XK741,XK767			c/ns FL3 to FL6
GNAT T1         XM691 to XM698,XM704 to XM709           c/ns FL501 to FL514(XM693 preserved at Hamble)                     					
     "          XP500 to XP516,XP530 to XP542           c/ns FL515 to FL544					
     "          XR534 to XR 545 ,XR567 to XR574         c/ns FL545 to FL564					
     "          XR534 to XR 545 ,XR567 to XR574         c/ns FL545 to FL564
	        XR948 to XR955,XR976 toXR987,          )
                XR991 to XR999,                        ) 
                XS100 to XS111                         )C/ns FL565 to FL 605
			Additional Production 						
Not strictly speaking an aircraft ,the GERM(Ground Effect Research Vehicle) of 1960 used the British  Class "B" aircraft									
registration G-39-15									

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