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	 PX203		Cierva W9	(built at Thames Ditton)	
c/nW11/1 G-ALCV		W11 Air Horse.f/f Eastliegh 13-06-50 crew killed 		
c/nW11/2 G-ALCW		W11 Air Horse,not flown used for tethered tests only. 		
c/nW14/1 G-AJCJ		W14 Sceptre ,renamed Skeeter Mk1,f/f 08-10-48		
c/nW14/2 G-ALUF		W14 Skeeter 2		
	WF112		Skeeter 3	.Construction completed by SARO	
	WF113		Skeeter 3		as above
	WF114		Skeeter 4		as above
S2/5267	G-APNU		SARO P531		f/f 20-07-58
S2/5268	G-APNV		SaRO P531		built at Cowes,assembled and f/f 
			at Eastliegh 30-09-58				
S2/8437	XP165		SARO SPRITE renamed Scout  .for AAC del 29-08-60
S2/5311	XP166		Scout				
S2/8438	XP167		Scout				
S2/8440	XP188		Scout				
S2/8441	XP189		Scout				
S2/8443	XP190		Scout				
S2/8446	XP191		Scout				
S2/8447	XP192		Scout				del 23-02-62
	XP193		Scout	Cancelled order	
S2/8444	XR436		Scout AH1,originally for India,f/f 09-08-59 as G-APVL 				
S2/5312	XR493		Scout AH1,to G-APVM 
The prototype Cierva Air Horse G-ALCV .
c/nOA.1 G-AFMB Burnelli OA1 assembled by Cunliffe Owen in 1938.Seen abiove in the Cunliffe-Owen premises at Eastleigh. SEAFIRE Production F21/22 SX549 completed 08-11-44 LF.III NN333 to NN367 ordered 06-01-43 NN379 to NN418 NN488 to NN528 NN542 to NN586 NN599 to NN641 PX913 to PX962 first a/c del 26-02-45,last del 31-03-45. SP136 to SP168 first a/c del 31-03-45 SP181 to SP197 last a/c del 24-07-45 F.XVII SP323 to SP327 SP341 to SP355 F.XV PR338 to PR379 first a/c del 21-03-45 PR391 to PR346 PR449 to PR479 PR492 to PR506 last a/c del 22-01-46 Conversions to F.45 TM379 Prototype LA442 LA444 Conversion to F46 TM383 COA .19 Concordia Y-0222 c/n 1 British class "B" marks allotted 19-05-47 Scrapped in 1948 G-AKBE c/n 2 Scrapped in 1948
Below - an advertisement from the "Aeroplane" for the Concordia.(via Jason Evans )

Hampshire Airfields
Dorset Airfields