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	AIRSPEED Ltd.Portsmouth Production				
Airspeed AS.4 Ferry(Left) & Airspeed AS.5 Courier(Right)
	c/n 9	G-ACFB	Final assembly at Portsmouth			
	c/n 7	G-ABXN	Prototype.Built at York and brought to Portsmouth by
			road when partially complete March 1933	
    c/n10	G-ACJL 		C of A August 1933		
	c/n11       	G-ACLR				
	c/n12	G-ACLF	(AS5B/A)			
	c/n13	G-ACLS				
	c/n14	G-ACLT				
	c/n15	K4047	Air Ministry			
	c/n16	G-ACSY				
	c/n19	G-ACSZ		
	c/n20	G-ACNZ	(AS5C/A)	
	c/n22	G-ACVE	cr at Portsmouth 20-08-36.Unauthorized take off	
	c/n23	G-ACVF	(AS5B/A)	
	c/n24	G-ACVG		
	c/n25	G-ACZL		
	c/n26	G-ADAX		
	c/n27	G-ADAY		C of A May 1935
AS.6 Envoy				
	17	G-ACMT	Prototype	f/f 26-06-34
	18	G-ACMU	Actually AS.8 Viceroy	
	28	G-ACVH		
	29	G-ACVI	
	30	G-ACVJ	
	31	G-ACYJ	
	32	G-ADAZ	
	33	G-ADBA	
	34	G-ADBB	
	35 to 40	G-ADBZ to G-ADCE('DCD became ZS-AGA with SAA)	
	41	To Mitsubishi asJ-BAOH	
	42	To Mitsubishi asJ-BAOI(unconfirmed)	
	43	J-BDCO	Japan Air Transport
	45	ZS-AGD	South African Airways
	46	ZS-AGC	South African Airways
	51	ZS-AGB	South African Airways
	52	G-AEBV	
	55 & 56	G-AEGF & G-AEGG  for Brit Scandinavian Airways,cancelled order .Possibly	became PH-ARK & PH-ARL.	
	57	VT-AHR 	Maharajah of Jaipur
	58	OK-VIT	Steel & Iron Corp
	59	G-AFWZ	
	60	G-AENA	Portsmouth-Johannesburg Air Race entrant,cr Rhodesia 01-10-36
	61		believed not built ,c/n reallocated to G-AGUA Ambassador
	62		believed not built ,c/n reallocated to G-AKRD Ambassador
	66	G-AEXX	Kings Flight
	67	G-AEXE	for China
	68	G-AERT	for China
	69	F-APPQ	Air Pyrenees(unconfirmed)	
	76	G-AFJD	to RAF N9107	
	77	G-AFJE	to RAF N9108	
	78 to 82	P5625 to P5629	RAF (unconfirmed)
Airspeed AS.6 Envoy
AS.10 Oxford Mk1/II and AS.46 Oxford V				
	L4534	Prototype f/f 19-06-37		
Mk.1	L4535 to L4669		L4538 for civil transport,L4539 used for undercarriage
 experiments,L4556/4557/4592/4593 not del to RAF	
Mk.1	L9635 to L9660,L9680 to L9703	N9651 to N9660		
Mk.1	N1190 to N1194.			
Mk.1	N6250 to N6299,N6320 to N6340			
Mk.II	N6341 to N6349,N6365 to N6384,N6400 to N6439.(N6327 built with twin fins)	
Mk.II	P1800 to P1849,P1860 to 1864	
Mk.1	P1865 to P1899,P1920 to P1969,P1980 to P2009,P2030 to P2044	
		(P1864/5/6 converted Mk IV)
MK.II	P2045 to P2059	
MK.1	P8822 to P8830,P8855 to P8868,P8891 to P8916,P8995 to P8998,P9020 to P9046	
MK.II	P8831 to P8854,P8917 to P8931,P8964 to P8994	
		(P8832/33 converted to air ambulances)
Mk.1	R4062 to R 4067(R4062/3/4/5 for RNZAF,R4066/7 for R Rhodesian AF)	
Mk1/II	R5938 to R5979,R5991 to R6-38,R6050 to R6059.R6070 to R6114,	
Mk1/II	R6129 to R6163,R6177 to R6196	
Mk.1	R9974 toR9988	
Mk.1/II	T1001 to T1028,T1041 to T1047,T1048 to T1082,T1097 to T1141,T1167 to T1215	
Mk.1/II	T1243 to T1288,T1308 to T1348,T1371 to T1404	
Mk.1	X1038 to X1040.For Southern Rhodesia	
Mk.1/II 	X6520 to X6564,X6589 to X6623,X6643 to X6692,X6726 to X6750,X6764 to X6813	
Mk.1/II	X6835 to X6884,X6932 to X6981,X7031 to X7075,X7107 to X7156,X7176 to X7200,
Mk.1/II	X7231 to X7265,X7278 to X7317
Mk.II	AP654 to AP657
Mk.1 	AS474 to AS523,AS537 to AS571,AS591 to AS 640,AS665 to AS 704
Mk.II	AS705 toAS709,AS726 to AS745,AS764 to AS813,AS828,AS877,AS893 to AS942
Mk.1	BF782 to BF831,BF845 to BF889,BF904 to BF953,BF967 to BF999,BG100/BG101
	BG113 to BG132,BG149 to BG183,BG196 to BG245,BG260 to BG274,BG546 to BG575
	BG588 to BG637,BG649 to BG668
	N.B:BF870/825/858 /859/861/867/BG100/115/118/171/213/263 & 610 
all conv to Mk.V
Mk.II	BG275 to BG304.BG318 to BG337,BG349 to BG398,BG415 to BG459,BG473 to BG522
	BG541 to BG545.
	N.B:BG301/423/444/445/509/521 conv to Mk.V
Mk.1	EB414 to SAAF
Mk.V	EB424 to Southern Rhodesia.
Mk.V	EB425 to EB461,EB483 to EB 518,EB535 to EB584,EB599 toEB640,EB654 to EB677 
	All above to Canada except 2 a/c
Mk.1	EB689 to EB703,EB717 to EB761,EB777 to EB826,EB838 to EB870,EB884 to EB930
	EB946 to EB975.
	N.B.EB849/884/888/894/915/924/953/962-966/968 conv to Mk.V
Mk.1	HN217 to HN239,HN254 to HN284,HN298 to HN346,HN363 to HN386,HN405 to HN441
	HN467 to HN495,HN513 to HN554,HN576 to HN614,HN631 to HN671,HN689 to HN738
	HN754 to HN790,HN808 to HN885.
	all converted to Mk.V
Mk.1	LB469 to LB492,LB513 to LB538
Mk.1	LX156 to LX199,LX213 to LX245,LX258 to LX289,LX301 to LX333,LX347 to LX369,
	LX382 to LX401,LX415 to LX448,LX462 to LX489,LX502 to LX541,LX555 to LX582, 
	LX595 to LX617,LX629 to LX648,LX661 to LX699,LX714 to LX746,LX759 to LX777
	N.B:LX366 to LX369,LX382 to LX401,LX415/416,LX467 to LX470,LX510 to LX512
	LX561 to LX565  all to Turkish AF
	N.B:LX417 to LX422 to Portuguese AF
	N.B:LX423 to LX426 to Free French AF
Mk.1	NM217 to NM254,NM270 to NM314,NM329 to NM370,NM385 to NM429						
	NM444 to NM488,NM509 to NM550,NM571 to NM615,NM629 to NM676,						
	NM681 to NM720,NM736 to NM760,NM776 to NM810						
	N.B:NM532 & NM533 destroyed by fire before delivery. 						
Mk.1	PK248 to PK269,PK282 to PK309.Many conv to AS65 Consuls after War
Mk.1	PG925 to PG956,PG968 to PG999,PH112 to PH157,PH169 to PH215,PH227 to PH268
        PH281 to PH327,PH339 to PH379,PH391 to PH425,PH447 to PH489.PH502 to PH535
        N.B:PH528 to PH535 renumbered asVB861 to VB868 in Feb 1945. and conv to T11 
Mk.1	RR321 to RR367,RR380 to RR382						
Mk.1	Cancelled order RR383 to RR425,RR438 toRR480,RR495 toRR536,RR549 to RR590,
        RR613 to RR656,RR666 to RR708,RR723 to RR766,RR779 to RR819,RR835 to RR880 
        RR892 to RR906.						
T.II	VB869						
	The above total	 =4965 of which 4411 were built at Portsmouth ,the rest at Christchurch.
        The 4411th and last Oxford left Portsmouth on 14 July 1945		
	A further 3621 were built by De Havillands,Standard Motors and Percival Aircraft.		
	During 1946 /1948 more than 100 Oxfords were converted to AS65 Consul standard by		
	Airspeed at Portsmouth.
Airspeed AS.10 Oxford)
AS.30 Queen Wasp			
	K8887      f/f 11-06-37		
	P5441	f/f 29-03-40	
	P5442	f/f 18-05-40	
	P5443 to P5445		completed
	P5446 to P5450		partially completed before project cancelled
	P5451 to P5455,P5496 to P5525,P5546 to P5565 cancelled
Airspeed AS30 Queen Wasp, first(left) and second prototypes
AS.39 Fleet Shadower			
	N1323	f/f 18-10-40 pilot G,Errington	
	N1324	not finished.Project abandoned.	
AS39 Fleet Shadower
AS.45 Cambridge			
	T2449	f/f 19-02-41	
	T2453		Project Abandoned
Airspeed AS.45 Cambridge

AS.51 Horsa I									
	DG597	First Prototype .f/f 12-09-41 at Great West Aerodrome							
	DG603	2nd prototype		f/f at Great West Aerodrome.					
	DP279 to DP294.a few(quantity unknown) of this initial production batch were assembled at Portsmouth	
 	Total production was  3744,made up as follows-:Airspeed Portsmouth 7
   					Airspeed Christchurch 470	
					Airspeed Christchurch 225 MkII				
					Harris Lebus etc.1461		MkI
					Harris Lebus Etc.1271MkII		
					Austin Motor Co 300		Mk.I
					Austin Motor Co.65  MkII
AS51 Horsa 1 DP726...this example was actually built by Austin Motor Co.
	See AIRSPEED Christchurch for details of Horsa and Ambassador Production
In the late 50s Airspeed produced Wings,Booms and Tailplanes for the Christchurch-built Vampires

Hampshire Airfields
Dorset Airfields