George Errington, A test pilot's Story
Mike Phipp.
128pp. 6.5 x 9 inches
Card covers
ISBN 978 1 4456 9522 8
This account of the life of one of Britain's premier test pilots is full of amusing and enlightening anecdotes as well as much factual aviation content .
With much input from Roly Errington (George's son) it details George's career from his early beginnings at Vickers Steel through to his eventual position as test pilot at Hawker-Siddeley.
The largest part of George's flying career was with Airspeed and its successors, first at Portsmouth and later at Christchurch. Airspeed was swallowed up by de Haviland which in turn was absorbed by Hawker Siddeley.
His flying career is covered in detail and accompanied by a large number of photographs many of which are previously unseen.
Also mentioned is his association with Nevil Shute Norway (co-founder with A. Hessell Tiltman of Airspeed). Nevil Shute was of course the well known novelist.
Written by Mike Phipp , an well-known aviation historian from Dorset ,this book is well researched and is a excellent read.
£16.99 from Amberley Press , Amazon etc.