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New July 2007:A look at some of the advertisements used by Simmond/Spartan from 1929 till the mid 1930s
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Oliver Simmonds ..1928 photograph

The first Simmonds Spartan G-EBYU

UPPER:G-AAWZ at Hamble ...LOWER:G-AAWZ at Heston during either the 1929 or 1931 Kings Cup Air Race

LEFT:G-AAHA refuelling at Hooton during the 1931 Kings Cup Air Race...RIGHT:G-ABTR at Brooklands - participated in the Henly Rally at Heston ,June 4th 1932

G-ABHR(third from right) with other aircraft at Heston in 1933.

G-ABAZ over Southampton Water 1930

G-ABOB at Brooklands in May 1932.

ZK-AAP in which Frank Mase attempted to fly to New Zealand,being Christened "The All Black" by The Hon.Lady Bailery at Croydon, 19th April,1929.RIGHT Another view of ZK-AAP at Croydon

G-ABTY Spartan Cruiser 1...1932

A Spartan Three-Seater operated by Aerofilms in 1933 (Presum,ably either G-ABYH or G-ABZH).

Postcard showing two unidentified ladies standing in front of an unidentified Spartan cruiser.

Spartan 3-Seater II G-ACAF .

A photo sent by Alan Britton (in New Zealand) shows G-ABJS(A Three Seater) sometime around 1931 at an unknown location. The aircraft later went to Australia (1935) .

A photo taken from a 1932 edition of Popular Flying .(via Lawrence Hole)

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