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Simmonds Spartan LN-ABG

Added November 2006 - thanks to Per-Øivind Skarphol

Above are three pictures of Spartan c/n 35 LN-ABG ex LN-45 ex G-AAMI. The aircraft was registered June 6 1932 to W. Omsted. Later taken over by Widerøe and Bjørnebye. Jan 17 1934 to Widerøes Flyveselskap (Norways oldest aircraft company) and Apr 17 1934 to to C. Bang, Greåker. Cancelled from register Nov 28, 1946 as "withdrawn fro use". fate unknown. The lowest picture shows Viggo Widerøe and Halvor Bjørnebye in front of the ski-equipped aircraft..
Widerøes Flyveselskap A/S Detailed History.

June1932 The polar vessel ‘Polarbjørnen’ sailed from Oslo to Frederikstad to pick up the Lockheed Model 5 Vega (LN-ABD, c/n 34) and the Simmonds Spartan I (LN-ABG, c/n 35). They were to be used during the Greenland Mapping Expedition..The vessel arrived at East-Greenland on July 24th and the aircraft were put ashore. On this day the first flight of an aircraft in this area of Greenland was made with the Simmonds Spartan I, LN-ABG (c/n 35) and with Sigurd Aagenæs as pilot. A small airfield (3x2.5km) was prepared near the Mackenzie Sound.On 20 August The expedition to East Greenland ended and the aircraft onboard the‘Polarbjørnen’ for the return voyage to Norway. Top picture shows loading at Alesund...Lower picture shows the Spartan and Lockheed Vega that was also transported - on the ground at Myggbukta, Greenland.
NB: At that time (1932) Norway claimed ownership of a portion of Eastern Greenland as "Erik the Red's Land" - this claim was later disallowed by an International court.

Spartan Aircraft in New Zealand( 1930s)
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